Why self catering is a great option

Rookery Farm Holiday Accommodation, north Norfolk

When you are thinking about your next holiday, there are many things to take into consideration. Where you are going is an obvious question. Are you after sunshine and the seaside or are you a demon on the snowy slopes? Are you a stay-cationer who would rather get to know the UK better. Or are you keen to explore the wider world?

Obviously, we think that North Norfolk offers all you need for a perfect holiday. If you decide to visit, then a warm welcome to the prettiest and most relaxing county in the UK.

To cook or not to cook…

The next decision you will face, once you have chosen your destination, is what type of accommodation you are looking for, self-catering, all-inclusive or something in between?

At Rookery Farm Barns, all our barns and cottages are self-catering and here we outline some of the reasons why self-catering might be the perfect choice for you.

The accommodation

Self-catering properties, such as Rookery Barn, are often very spacious when compared with hotel rooms. This makes a cottage or a barn a good choice for families or groups of friends. There are usually communal spaces where everyone can get together for a meal, games or just to hang out.

It is a good idea to check that the accommodation offers all the equipment and appliances you will need – there is nothing worse, for example, than planning for a barbecue only to find there is no provision for cooking outdoors. It is worth contacting the owner before you book to ensure that you will be able to access and use the equipment you need to make your stay a perfect one.

Self-catering offers freedom of choice

Sticking on the topic of food and drink, self-catering accommodation will give you a lot of freedom and choice when it comes to when and what you eat. Hotels and B&B accommodation tend to have set hours when you can eat breakfast or your evening meal. Self-catering has no such restrictions. Late brunches, early suppers, midnight snacks – all are possible when you are in your own space. You can also stock your cupboards with any food and drink you might want.

And, of course, around the Barns in West Beckham, there are also some beautiful spots for alfresco dining, so self-catering gives you the option of packing up your picnic things and enjoying a meal in the sunshine or under the stars.

Food allergies or the need for a special diet can pose a challenge when eating out. Self-catering is particularly appropriate in these circumstances. By being in charge of your meals, you mitigate any threats to your family members’ health and welfare.

By cooking and eating in your accommodation, all the adults are able to enjoy a glass or two of wine with their meal without worrying about who is driving home.

Christmas at Rookery Farm

But eating out is fun too

On the other hand, it is also lovely to be waited on hand and foot. So even if you do choose the self-catering option, make sure you book in for a couple of meals out at some of the lovely restaurants and bistros around the area. [Contact the owner for suggestions].

The other point about self-catering is the cost. Eating out day after day can be costly. Buying your own food and drink for the majority of your holiday means you will be able to keep an eye on your outgoings. That way, you can budget so that your holiday doesn’t become a drain on your finances.

Self-catering helps share the costs

When it comes to costs, you will find that self-catering is generally a cheaper option than staying in hotels and guest houses. This is particularly true if you are a large group of family or friends as you can split the costs of everything from the accommodation to the food, drink and other holiday essentials. You can also have a food and drink ‘kitty’ and share the ‘chores’ – washing up and cooking meals.

The biggest benefit to a self-catering holiday is the flexibility it offers. You can come and go as you please, plan your own meal times, decide what you are going to eat. If you have children with you, they can go to bed while the adults keep partying; if you have teenagers, they can keep partying while the adults go to bed!

If you are new to self-catering holidays, then you might be understandably cautious about booking. But, self-catering accommodation is as subject to traveller reviews as any other form of accommodation. Take a look at a few reviews before you book. And contact the owner directly. A good holiday cottage owner will respond quickly and honestly. They will be able to give you advice as to whether their accommodation is suitable for your holiday requirements.