How to be a happy camper

Rookery Farm Caravans and Camping

A warm welcome for a happy camper

At Rookery Farm we are delighted to offer a versatile range of accommodation. Our barns and cottages cater for couples, families and groups of friends and we can usually match the requirements of our guests. But there is one option that gives even greater flexibility and that is our camping and caravan site.

We are at pains to point out that this is not a large, commercial camp site – in fat, we are proud to say that it is the very opposite. The campsite is small, intimate and basic. There is a waste disposal point and an electric hook up and that is it. What it offers in exchange is space, quiet and a chance to let go of the stresses and pace of modern life and return to nature for a few precious days.

Childrens play area

A room with a view

The camp site is on the edge of a working farm – there will be the occasional rumble of a tractor passing by. There are views across fields and open countryside and – perhaps most importantly – there is a lot of space for you to enjoy.

The campsite can accommodate five caravans and plenty of tents. There is also a children’s playground hewn out of wood, where the kids can let off steam. The campsite and surrounding fields are teeming with wildlife, largely as a result of our progressive conservation policies on the farm.

Rookery Farm Norfolk - play area

The guide to a being a happy camper

If you are a novice camper, there are some golden rules you can follow that will make your first camping experience all that it should be – fun, carefree and liberating. Everyone who has ever camped before has a funny anecdote to share but there is funny and then there is irritating. To ensure you remain a happy camper, here is a guide to avoiding some of the pitfalls of camping. 

Try out your gear before you go.

Practice makes perfect and you do not want to spend your first five hours at the campsite working out how to pitch a tent. Have a couple of trial runs at home first. Also, check everything works as it should – test your camping stove and torches and make sure you are comfortable in your tent before you leave the comfort of your own home.

A checklist: best friend to a happy camper

It’s no good arriving at the campsite with a view to getting away from it all and then spending time heading back to the shops because you have forgotten to pack some essential items. Make a checklist and then systematically check items off as you pack them. 

Arrive at the campsite in daylight hours

Nothing is worse than fumbling around in the dark trying to set up camp. Not only will it make things difficult for you, but your neighbours will not appreciate nocturnal tent building activities. 

Plan your meals

There are numerous places close to Rookery Farm where you can go for a delicious meal but you will also doubtless want to cook a few camp fire meals as well. Make sure you plan ahead and make some menu plans. It is worth taking essentials such as spices and condiments as you do not want to go shopping for these when you arrive. 

Bring enough clothes

Camping is all about being prepared and we all know the weather can always throw you a curve ball. Make sure you pack clothes for all weather conditions and remember there are no laundry facilities on site. So the general rule, to ensure you are always a happy camper, is pack for all seasons. 

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