Looking forwards to better times

At time of writing, the UK and most nations in the world are in the grip of Covid-19, a virus which is proving both dangerous and hard to contain. Looking forwards, this is something that will pass. But, for now, there is no doubt these are scary, uncertain times.

As a result, Norfolk, like every other county in the UK, has been in lock-down for a few weeks. Looking forwards that looks like continuing for some time to come. Wherever possible, people are staying at home and there are restrictions on any movements away from the home. Certainly, visiting the county’s beauty spots for anything other than a quick burst of solitary exercise is off the agenda.

Restricted service

The pubs and restaurants are also closed and delis and farm-shops are operating under very restrictive conditions. Delis, such as Picnic Fayre and Stiffly Stores are operating a delivery service or a collection service. They serve from hatches, with no customers allowed in the store. Back to the Garden in Lethersingsett has  strict limits on how many people are allowed in store at any time.

This is a difficult time for everyone. Many people are being asked to stay at home on reduced salaries. Many others have lost jobs as businesses have been forced to stop operating. On the other hand, farmers, food producers and delivery people are working around the clock to keep food on the shelves for customers.

The Queen’s words of comfort

However, as the Queen said in her nation-rallying speech: “We will get through this… we will meet again.” And, even though normality seems a long way off at the moment, she is right. Looking forwards, we know this will pass. People will once more flock to Norfolk for holidays in this beautiful county.

And of course, the holiday accommodation providers, the restaurants, the pubs and the shops will be absolutely ready for the season – whenever that may be.

Hit the refresh button

No-one will have been idle in this forced time of closure. Accommodation will be fresh, as decorating will have been carried out on many properties. Gardens will be blooming and the countryside will have benefited from a re-boot.

The restaurants will be trying new dishes that chefs have been practising over the lock-down period and the produce from our fields and the seas will take pride of place on menu boards.

Looking forwards, planning ahead

It may seem like a distant dream at the moment but there will be a time when the farmers markets, the food festivals, the music festivals, the car rallies and the country fairs will be back in full-swing. Looking forwards, we will appreciate it all the more because for a short time, it was whisked away from us.

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