How to stay safe on your Norfolk holiday

Stay safe and enjoy your Autumn break

As we enter the autumn months, a surge in Covid-19 cases remains a constant threat. A second wave of the pandemic has been seen in countries across continental Europe, with nations such as France, Germany, Spain and Croatia all resorting to partial lockdown as cases rise.

Here in Norfolk we remain in a relatively low risk area. Wide open spaces and a relatively low population density have meant that the county has been popular with people wishing to stay safe while enjoying their holiday. However, that doesn’t mean that we can ease up with any of the safety and hygiene precautions that are currently in place. 

Rookery Farm Holiday Accommodation, north Norfolk

Deep cleaning to ensure we all stay safe

At Rookery Farm Barns we take our guests’ and staff’s safety very serious, which is why our deep cleaning measures are so stringent. New arrivals at our holiday accommodation can rest assured that the properties have been thoroughly cleaned and sufficient time has lapsed between one set of the guests and the next. We have also removed items that pose higher risks of contagion, such as board games and videos or DVDs. 

Once you have settled into your property, we simply ask you to be considerate of others. Wearing a face mask when you enter a shop is now mandatory, using hand gel as you enter a pub, restaurant or shop/deli should by now be habitual. It is a good idea to make sure you always have both a face mask and hand gel with you to avoid any issues.

Check for restrictions

To make sure you get the most from your break in Norfolk, it is worth spending a little time planning ahead before your arrival date as a number of visitor attractions and eating places have restricted or limited spaces. 

With most eating places around the North Norfolk area, you will find that pre-booking is necessary. Some restaurants are finding themselves fully booked for several weeks in advance, so it is worth planning your visits very carefully and thinking ahead to avoid disappointment.

If you are planning to visit local farm shops and delis to buy food ready to eat at home, then it is worth contacting them and placing an order that you can just pick up at a pre-arranged time. This saves queuing outside the shop, as all small shops are operating a ‘two-three person at any one time’ policy.

The same applies to visitor attractions. Check websites or ring the facility to find out how you can enjoy a seamless visit, without long queues or the disappointment of arriving only to find you cannot enter. 

Contactless is the way ahead

It is also important to remember that most shops and other retail outlets are now mainly using contactless payment systems and will be reluctant to accept cash. However, there are still a number of car parks where cash is the only option so keep some coins in the car.

The entire tourist industry in Norfolk is now hoping for a fine autumn. Dining outside, picnics in the sand dunes, BBQs at the beach – this has been the recipe for a great 2020 summer holiday, and hopefully that will continue well into September and October. 

Stay safe on your Norfolk holiday check-list:

Face mask

Hand gel

Antibacterial wipes

Contactless payment card

Picnic rug and basket